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Why Wake Up In The Morning To Be Just Average? Become The Ultimate Male.

Why wake up every morning to be just average? Groundhog day? Same old same old? Another day another dollar? This isn't the approach the team here at Reversyl take to the day.

Why not be more than average and aim to become the ultimate male starting with a focus on 3 areas?

It's time for reinvention, evolution and to start the journey to become the ultimate male.This is your decision to improve some, if not all aspects of your life starting with three important areas and you're the only one that can make it happen. Keep this decision to yourself and don't share it with anybody, then as you evolve and push forward with your plan wait for the compliments and recognition as people take notice.

The ultimate male can mean different things to different people, generally it means a positive, confident attitude, being knowledgeable, well presented and successful in work and at home.

1 - Winning Mind Set. Single Minded.

Making a change requires action, dedication and persistence. If you keep doing the same things in the same way then don't expect different results. The foundation to starting the evolution to the ultimate male is to develop the mind set. Be positive, appreciate what you have and your health, don't get drawn into negativity or focus on the bad. You've made the decision to become the ultimate male and from this point on you're the only one that can make the changes that will develop yourself and take you to your goals. Keep your goals to yourself and don't let anybody stand in your way and hold you back, unfortunately not everybody will be supportive or even really care about your decision to improve yourself and life. This doesn't mean you have to cut them off or walk all over people and be ruthless, it means this is on a need to know basis and they don't need to know. With this positive mind set and ownership of your own goals you don't need to rely on anybody else, it's under your control. The foundation has been set.

2 - Look The Part. Act The Part

Everybody has their own style, their own tastes and view on what looks good. It doesn't matter if its a £4.99 t-shirt or a £499 suit the clothes you wear need to fit well, compliment your frame and be in good condition. How you look and present yourself is important and influences the way others perceive and treat you. Take a look at your current wardrobe and anything that's not looking fresh, looks worn out or doesn't fit needs to be replaced. Shoes especially are a neglected part of most men's wardrobe, if the heal is worn down and the shoe is scuffed and worn then its time for a new pair. 

Research shows people focus on first impressions and form an opinion in the first ten seconds of meeting somebody, they then spend the following minutes looking to reinforce this opinion. You don't need to be loud with a big personality to make a good first impression, people like others that are genuine, friendly and engaging. When you meet people, smile, stand with confidence, use open body language and eye contact to show you are interested and listening. Keep your phone in your pocket and don't even glance it at during a conversation, this is one of the biggest turn offs for people in social situations.

3 - Be Interested. Be Interesting

Life and work can be busy genuinely allowing for very little free time. Focus on the things that matter and don't waste time on things that have little benefit such as surfing the internet without a purpose, spending too much time on social networks and watching TV for the sake of it. Make time for people even if it's a quick phone call or text message and try to keep social appointments. Choose some interests that fit with your schedule and the amount of free time you have even if it's an hour once a week. You could convert the weekly ritual of the Sunday roast into an interest and pursue the creation of the ultimate roast. Explore and become knowledgeable on different beers, wines and spirits. Listen to different play lists, read the news online, broaden what you come in to contact with and explore deeper the things that interest you.

Start now set your goals and ask yourself this question when you wake up each morning: "Am I going to be average today" 

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