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We get asked about hair loss......a lot!

The area of hair loss is one a lot of men can relate to with 50% of men experiencing a degree of loss by their 50's.

As you would imagine being a company specialised in thinning hair and hair loss products we get asked a lot about the causes of hair loss and how our products work, we are always more than happy to talk about these things as it's what we are passionate about. Over the years there has been growing understanding of what causes hair loss, many factors can come into play such as lifestyle, diet, stress and even more recently reported hairstyle, but the main reason behind hair loss is genetics. Male pattern baldness is hereditary so if males in your family show signs of thinning and loss then it's likely you will experience it too. Testosterone is converted in the body into DHT which some follicles are sensitive to and when exposed to DHT minimise and deactivate.

Over the past few years research has been conducted by large global companies into new ingredients which promote stem cell production and knowledge of natural ingredients has increased massively. It's easy to dismiss natural ingredients as myth and snake oil, in some cases this opinion is founded due to a history of outlandish claims for extracts that have no benefit.  Some plants contain large amounts of molecules which do have effects on the human body, the best known being illegal drugs. We have researched and selected ingredients that have been proven in studies to provide a benefit and these ingredients are in our products at levels which offer a benefit. Our capsules contain powder extracts and are not liquid because the active components do not dissolve in water, but the powder can be digested and absorbed into the body. Our hair growth treatment spray contains natural extracts high in molecules which stimulate stem cell production in the follicle which are needed to promote growth from the bulb. Our shampoo contains natural hydroxy acids which condition the follicle and remove any blockages allowing new fibres to come through easier. The shampoo is also high in Panthenol which is absorbed into the hair fibre making it thicker and less prone to breakage, while Hexapeptide 11 works to increase bulb size helping the fibre remain in the follicle.

Everyday we are working with new ingredients for new products through a development process which can take years. There isn't a miracle cure for hair loss and even hair transplants don't always work, but our products use the latest ingredients shown to outperform alternatives and give results. The sooner they are used the better the results.

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