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What Is The Best Age To Start Using Reversyl Products For Hair Loss?

Hair loss is hereditary, so if males in your family have experienced hair loss there is a chance you will too. The age at which thinning starts to become noticeable varies, for some it can be in their 40s for others it's in their mid 20s. Typically the first signs of thinning are seen around the temples and the front hair line which over the years increases and becomes more evident on the top of the head and crown resulting horse shoe shaped coverage around the back and sides. The earlier you start to use the Reversyl products the better the results, use has to be continuous and daily or the results will diminish. As with many things in life there is a period of time before the results start to show and because this involves adjusting the Anagen\Telogen balance and hair fibres need time to grow this is usually 3 months.

Reversyl products are for anybody wanting thicker, fuller hair with more growth, generally those experiencing thinning hair and loss use Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment to promote the Anagen phase in their follicles activating stem cells which then stimulates the hair bulb and hair fibre growth. Reversyl Follicle & Fibre Shampoo contains active ingredients to strengthen and thicken hair fibres with the benefit of reducing the visibility of the scalp. It also helps bulbs to increase their size and not be as easily lost.

So why wait?

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