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3 Reasons For Women's Hair Loss

In general terms and when medical factors are not contributing, thinning hair and hair loss can be due to changes in the hair growth cycle, weak hair fibres or damaged follicles. 

Females can experience heredity hair loss when their bodies convert Testosterone to DHT, when DHT reaches the Follicles it miniaturises and deactivates them resulting in no hair fibres being grown. This is the same process that happens with men, but women have half the level of enzyme in their bodies that produces DHT as such the degree of hair loss isn't as advanced as seen in men. When experiencing heredity hair loss females will see thinning along the middle of their head with some thinning around the crown, the temples and front hair line are generally unaffected.

Hair can be weakened from colouring, treatments and excessive heat from straightening. Being weaker hair is more easy lost through breakage when washing, brushing and styling resulting in lost hair and visible thinning.

Hair styles which place high levels of tension on hair fibres can result in a form of hair loss called traction alopecia. This type of hair loss is due to hair being pulled out from the follicle which results in damage to the follicle and it being unable to produce hair fibres. Hair styles which have been seen to cause traction alopecia are tight pony tails, top knots and corn rows, once the follicle has been damaged it cannot be reactivated using products.

The Reversyl range of products have been specially developed to reverse thinning, hair loss and to promote growth of stronger thicker hair to give more coverage. Reversyl Follicle & Fibre Shampoo strengthens hair fibres and increases hair bulb size to reduce loss through breakage and weakness while also conditioning follicles for the growth phase. Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment contains proven activate ingredients to stimulate stem cell production in follicles to promote faster hair growth and the growth of new hair fibres.

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