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Minoxidill - A brief history and side effects

The history of Minoxidil begins with its development in the 1950s followed by research in the 1970's as a treatment for high blood pressure, during further studies looking to address hypertension it was noticed that some users in the study, around 40% were seeing some signs of increased hair growth. Since then studies have been conducted to investigate the mechanism of action and how it helps to grow hair.

Its now widely known users of Minoxidil can experience side effects such as itching and redness with more severe reactions including rashes, tightness across the chest and swelling in the lips, cheeks and hands. In some cases users of Minoxidil see an increase in hair loss termed as shedding. Doses and usage of Minoxidil needs to be measured and controlled along with continual use over a number of months, this course of action exposes the user to the potential adverse effects listed above.

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