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Natural Ingredients For Hair Loss And Hair Growth

Nature provides some important ingredients for helping us to create products that target and reduce hair loss and also increase hair growth for thicker, stronger healthier hair with more coverage.

In our Follicle & Fibre Shampoo we use an optimised blend of natural ingredients which work in combination to give a multi benefit system for reducing loss, supporting the Anagen growth phase within follicles and increasing hair growth.

Panthenol binds to hair shafts to initially give conditioning and improved health, then penetrates the fibre to be be converted into Panthenoic Acid  which helps to thicken the hair fibre from within, improves the elasticity and flexibility. This is key for weak and miniaturised hair fibres as they are more easily lost resulting in noticeable visible loss. Pantheonic Acid travels through the hair fibre reaching the root and bulb to increase growth rates.

Fruit acids are rich in alpha hydroxy acids which maintain general scalp health and also encourage cell renewal within the follicle to remove dead cells blocking the growth and emergence of new and existing hair fibres. 

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