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Follicle & Fibre Shampoo With Hair Growth Treatment For Reactivating Hair Growth & Reducing Loss - Reversyl Advanced Hair Treatments

Follicle & Fibre Shampoo With Hair Growth Treatment For Reactivating Hair Growth & Reducing Loss

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Shampoo & Teatment Products For Hair Loss & Hair Growth
Products Formulated With Scientifically Proven Active Ingredients To Help Men & Women Experiencing Hair Loss & Thinning Hair
Reactivate Follicles To Promote The Hair Growth Phase For New & Existing Hair Fibres
Strengthen Hair To Reduce Loss From Follicle Miniaturisation, Breakage, Washing, Brushing & Styling
Get Thicker Hair From The First Use
Reduce Hair Loss & The Number Of Hairs In The Loss Phase To Give Increased Hair Density & Coverage For A Thicker Fuller Apperance 


“I can honest say that I’ve noticed such a difference to my hair. Not only does my hair seem to have grown a few extra inches but its noticeably thicker and shinier. A Lot more than another shampoo, serum or oil I’ve tried in the past.” - Natalie (Petal Poppet Blogs After Using our shampoo and growth treatment for a month)


Reversyl Follicle & Fibre Shampoo

Andrew in Manchester

‘Used this product continuously for a month and now my hair is noticeably thicker and allows me to shape into a style that it would have previously not worked. Although I am not balding I wanted a thicker and fuller look; this product helped me to achieve this’ 

Tom in Leeds

"Seen an increase in hair thickness and a reduction in dandruff. Feels like there is more hair rather than less. Shampoo smells and lathers up great" 

Reversyl Follicle & Fibre Shampoo has been specially formulated to thicken fine and thinning hair while conditioning follicles for the Anagen  hair growth phase. Enriched with Panthenol and Hexapetide-11, within 5 days of daily use this formulation will noticeably thicken hair fibres, reduce the number of hairs lost and increase the size of the bulbs to keep the hair fibre in the follicle. Natural fruit alpha hydroxy acids condition follicles to support new hair fibre growth allowing them to emerge unhindered.

Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment

Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment is formulated with active ingredients scientifically proven to stimulate follicles to activate the Anagen growth phase resulting in new hair growth and increased growth of existing hair. At the same time the number of follicles in the Telogen  hair loss phase decreases so less hair is lost, the result is more growth and an increase in hair coverage. Although our active ingredients have been mainly tested on men as mentioned below, due to the stem cell promoting properties of the active ingredients Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment will also help women to promote their hair growth.

Clinical trials with 26 men aged 18 to 70 displaying Alopecia (hair loss) graded 3 to 4 on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale were split into two groups, one group used a placebo with no active ingredients while the other used the treatment formulation. The results from the group using the treatment showed a significant increase in Anagen growth phase hair (more hair growth) and a more significant reduction of Telogen loss phase hair (a significant reduction in hair loss, remember even people not experiencing thinning are loosing hair as its part of the cycle). Their hair looked thicker and users saw an increase in their hair density.

Laboratory studies show the active ingredients in Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment give nearly two times the performance of Minoxidil showing a 214% increase in growth compared to hair having no treatment.

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