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Our Mission
With sound scientific understanding innovate and market products containing the latest ingredients to deliver benefits to people world wide experiencing hair loss and other conditions affecting the hair and scalp.  
Reversyl Advanced Hair Loss Treatments
Our Expertise
Our research and development team has over 15 years experience in the research and development of hair and scalp care products. Understanding the hair, scalp and the systems involved is key to developing products that deliver benefits.
Hair fibres and the scalp are two key parts of the highly complex hair growth cycle which begins before we are even born.  Hair develops its first generation called Lanugo characterised as being very fine and soft usually without any pigmentation or Medulla. At this stage our follicles are created after which there is no further increase in numbers. Towards the later stages of pregnancy and just before we are born the second generation of hair called Vellus emerges with pigmentation, this hair is fine and lightly pigmented and stays with us until puberty when it is replaced with Terminal hair which is thicker, stronger and darker in colour. Terminal hair as its name gives away is the final generation of hair and the one that remains through adult life. Many factors can affect our hair and scalp such as diet, lifestyle, environment, hormones and genetics.
Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss, affecting around half of all men by the time they reach 50. Thinning hair and hair loss starts to becomes evident in the late twenties to early thirties with 40% of men seeing some degree of hair loss by their mid to late thirties. 65% of men will experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 60.
The cause of male pattern baldness is genetics and the sensitivity of follicles to a derivative of Testosterone called DHT. When DHT reaches the follicles  they become miniaturised and deactivated resulting in no new hair fibres being produced.
The hair grow cycle consists of 3 main phases, Anagen (Growth) Catogen (Transition) Telogen (Loss). As more follicles enter the Telogen phase due to the effect of DHT hair is lost faster than its being grown, this results in the visible signs of thinning.
Based on this understanding we have developed products to mitigate the effect of DHT by providing higher levels of key nutrients, improve scalp circulation and blood flow to the follicle and promote the Anagen phase through the generation of stem cells within the follicle resulting in improvement in hair growth and visible coverage.
UK Research, Development & Manufacturing
We are based in Leeds and develop all our products using our inhouse expertise, all products are manufactured in the UK to recognised Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) and ISO systems. All our suppliers for packaging and ingredients are based in the UK.
Respect For The Environment
Our products are developed and produced in the UK working with UK based suppliers to minimise the carbon footprint our day to day activities have in the environment. All our packaging is recyclable and our ingredients are biodegradable.
Take Control. Start Today.
Success isn’t always defined as material gain, it can also be achieving a goal or an aim. We believe you should go for what you want in life and not let anything hold you back, even your concerns on hair loss. When life or situations seem to be against you or you have a challenge to overcome it's human nature to feel you might not be able to succeed. Take control. Start today. Focus on what you want to achieve and make it happen.

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