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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Delivery Options Do You Offer?

A. All orders are sent in plain unbranded packaging and can be delivered to home or place of work. All orders received before 2pm are dispatched the same working day. We offer standard 3 to 5 day delivery on all orders for free. Express 1 to 2 day delivery is £8 per order and can be selected at checkout. See our Delivery & Returns page for more details.

Q. Are Reversyl Products Safe?

A. Yes, our products are researched and developed by professional chemists with 15 years experience in researching and developing these types of products. All formulations are compliant with the EU Cosmetics Directive and manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practices in the UK.

Q. Is Reversyl Suitable For Both Men & Women?

A. Yes, although much of our work has been in relation to hereditary hair loss in men our products can be used by either men or women of adult age experiencing heredity loss as the reason causing the loss is the same in both men and women, this being the formation of DHT in the body deactivating follicles. Our Follicle & Fibre Shampoo will thicken hair for both men and women along with conditioning the scalp and follicles. Men and women can loose hair for different reasons and before using any product you need to understand what the cause is. In men it is fairly easy to attribute thinning and loss to hereditary hair loss and women can also experience heredity hair loss with it being especially evident along the middle of their head and crown. Women can also loose hair as a result of stress and some see increased hair loss after giving birth. Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment can help promote faster, stronger and thicker hair growth for both men and women in these cases.

Q. What Age Group Are Reversyl Products For?

A. Reversyl products can be used by any adult male or female and the sooner you use them the better the results. Typically the first signs of thinning and hair loss are seen in the mid twenties which progresses to more evident hair loss through the forties into the sixties. Reversyl products can be used at any stage and any adult age.

Q. Are Reversyl Products Tested On Animals?

A. No, none of our products or ingredients have been tested on animals

Q. Are Reversyl Products Suitable For Vegetarians or Vegans?

A. Our Follicle & Fibre Shampoo and Hair Growth Treatment are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our Hair Growth Phase tablets are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to the nature of the capsule material.

Q. How Long Will It Take For Me to Notice Results Using The Hair Growth Treatment?

A. Due to the nature of the hair growth cycle and the phases involved it takes at least 90 days continuous use of the Hair Growth Treatment for it to take effect.

Q. How Do I Get The Best Results From The Reversyl Range?

A. Our 2 product system is focused on the follicle and supporting it to promote the Anagen hair growth phase. As each product delivers specific benefits. For best results all three should be used together daily for at least 90 days, then ongoing.
The Follicle & Fibre Shampoo contains ingredients to sooth the scalp, unblock follicles and increase bulb size to help anchor the fibre in to follicle. The formulation is also enriched with a high level of Panthenol to strengthen hair fibres making them thicker and less prone to breaking resulting in loss.
Hair Growth Treatment is formulated with active ingredients proven to promote the Anagen phase and hair growth. This formulation needs to be used daily and shifts the ratio of hairs in the Telogen phase to Anagen. With hair being grown in larger numbers than its lost results in improves coverage and a reduction in thinning. 

Q. I'm Using Reversyl And Still See Hair Fibres Being Lost, Is This Right?

A. Everybody loses hair fibres everyday its part of the hair growth and loss cycle and is normal. Typically each day a person can lose 50 to 100 hair fibres, so seeing hair fibres being lost is nothing to be overly concerned about about as its part of the cycle. Thinning hair is seen when the hair is lost faster than its being produced due to follicle deactivation by DHT. Using Reversyl products promotes the Anagen phase in the follicles to produce hair fibres so they aren't being lost in greater numbers than they are being grown. The product need to be used daily for at least 90 days.

Q. Do Your Products Contain Parabens?

A. None of our products contain Parabens and can be classed as Paraben Free

Q. Do Your Products Contain Alcohol?

A. No. Our products are alcohol free.