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How Revesyl Products Work To Treat Hair Loss & Thinning Hair For Men & Women

Thinning hair and hair loss in both men and women can be a result of either a change in the hair growth cycle, damage to the hair fibre or damage to the follicle or a combination of all three.

The hair growth cycle has three phases, growth, resting and loss. In both men and women the balance of this cycle can be pushed towards the loss phase and as a result more hair is being lost than is grown resulting in thinning and baldness being seen. Hormones play a key role in this change, both men and women convert Testosterone to DHT in their bodies when DHT reaches the follicles it miniaturizes and deactivates them so hair is no longer produced. Women have half the level of the enzyme in their bodies that produces DHT compared to men so their level of hair loss is less. This form of hair loss is called heredity hair loss as it’s genetic and inherited in our genes.

Hair fibres can become damaged and weakened by styling, colouring, treatments or nutritional deficiencies. Weaker hair fibres are easier to snap and break during washing, drying and combing resulting in loss and thinning.

Follicles can be damaged by treatments or hairstyles that put tension and stress on them such as tight pony tails, top knots and corn rows. This tension can pull hair from the follicle and damage the follicle so that it is unable to produce more hair. This form of loss is termed Traction Alopecia and cannot be treated with products.


Reversyl Products To Treat Hair Loss For Men & Women

Expertise In Hair Loss & Reactivating Hair Growth Products

Scientifically developed products for men & women experiencing hereditary hair loss and loss through weak and damaged hair fibres.

For men male pattern baldness (hereditary loss) is the most common type of hair loss, affecting around half of all men by 50 years of age. Thinning hair and hair loss starts to becomes evident in the late twenties to early thirties with most men seeing some degree of hair loss by their late thirties. Hair loss generally follows a pattern of thinning around the temples and receding along the front hairline, followed by thinning of the hair on the crown, leaving a horseshoe shape around the back and sides of the head. Although uncommon it can sometimes progress to complete baldness. Male-pattern baldness is hereditary, it’s caused by oversensitive hair follicles becoming miniaturised and deactivated when a derivative formed in the body from Testosterone called DHT reaches them.

Women can also experience heredity hair loss with the reasons being the same as outlined above for men. Women generally see thinning on the top of their head and along the middle while the temples and front hair line are unaffected.

Reversyl products are formulated with the latest active ingredients proven to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth in laboratory and clinical studies

How Does Reversyl Follicle & Fibre Shampoo Work?

Reversyl Follicle & Fibre Shampoo contains ingredients to condition the scalp, strengthen and thicken existing hair fibres and also increase bulb size resulting in less hair being lost through breakage and weakness. Increasing hair fibre thickness reduces the visibility of the scalp giving more coverage. 

When DHT reaches the follicles it starts to minimise their ability to produce hair fibres, the fibres that are produced are thinner. As a result hair is more easily lost through breakage, combing, washing and drying with the scalp becoming more visible. Follicle & Fibre Shampoo works within 5 days to increase hair bulb size and thicken your hair fibres making them stronger and less likely to be lost through breakage, thicker hair fibres also reduce the visibility of the scalp so coverage is visibly improved. Natural hydroxy acids condition the scalp and keep follicles clear for new hair fibres to come through unhindered.

 - Panthenol provides multiple benefits strengthens the hair fibre to resist breakage, increases fibre thickness to reduce loss and give a thicker appearance. When Panthenol penetrates the hair shaft it is converted into Panthenoic Acid which travels to the root and bulb to promote the growth phase and increases growth rate.

 - Hexapeptide-11 promotes an increase in hair bulb size helping it to anchor into the follicle to reduce loss from miniaturised hair shafts and bulbs.

 - Lemon, Apple and Sugar fruit acid extracts promote scalp cell renewal and cleanse the follicles of dead cells allowing new hair fibres to come through.

 - Sugar Beet extract stimulates collagen production and boosts the energy levels needed for the Anagen hair growth phase ensuring to give increased growth.

 - Green Tea soothes and conditions the scalp helping to keep it healthy and in good condition to support healthy hair growth.


How Does Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment Work?

Reversal Hair Growth Treatment contains active ingredients proven in laboratory and user studies to reactivate and increase the number of follicles in the Anagen phase (growth phase) and reduce the number of follicles in the Telogen phase (loss phase). As a result the number of hairs produced increases and the number of hairs lost decreases which overall stops the thinning of hair and visibly improves hair coverage. 

Increase Hair Growth Rate By 214%

As DHT reaches sensitive follicles and starts to minimise and reduce their ability to produce hair fibres resulting in deactivation. Stem cell production within the Follicle reduces to levels that don't active the Anagen hair growth phase and over time the hair fibre grows , is lost then not replaced resulting in thinner hair coverage and noticeable hair loss. Reversyl Hair Growth Treatment is formulated with active ingredients that support and promote the Anagen growth phase by increasing stem cell production and promoting new hair growth within the hair bulb. This works to move the balance of Anagen\Telogen in favour of Anagen resulting in more hair growth and increased coverage

 - Zinc & Glycine  increase hair fibre growth rates from the bulb


- DHQG follicles enter the resting and loss phase when DHT reaches them from your blood stream. DHQG reactivates stem cell production within the follicle to initiate the Anagen new hair growth phase. 

- EGCG2 works together with DHQG to promote and increase the number of follicles in the Anagen new hair growth phase and decrease the number in the Catogen and Telogen resting and loss phase. Overall more follicles are growing hair than are being lost resulting in more hair growth throughout the entire scalp.



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