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Ingredients For Increasing Hair Growth And Reducing Hair Loss

Reversyl products are formulated with scientifically proven natural and active ingredients to:

- Condition and improve scalp health and circulation

- Activate follicles and promote the Anagen growth phase

- Reduce the number of follicles in the Telogen hair loss phase

- Reduce the effect of DHT in both men & women which causes hereditary hair loss, leading to increased coverage and more growth.

- Penetrate hair fibres to increase growth from root to tip

- Thicken & strengthen weak miniaturised hair which is easily lost

- Repair and condition weak and damaged hair which can be lost easily 

The following ingredients can be found in our products, please see each individual product page to see the ingredients they contain.


Panthenol is a key ingredient for healthy, strong and thick hair growth,  it's also an excellent conditioning active for nails improving thier strength and flexibility. When Panthenol comes into contact with the hair fibre it forms a coating which instantly improves smoothness, shine, strength and condition. Panthenol will absorb into the hair fibre and is converted into Panthenoic Acid which is generally better known as Pro Vitamin B5. In this active form it helps follicles convert energy from your diet into a form that stimulates and increases growth from root to tip. 


Amino Acids are building blocks used many systems in the body with Glycine important for Collagen production and a healthy nervous system. Nerves in follicles can become stressed through tension, heat, styling and generally the emotional condition of a person. The body can produce Glycine, but this can decrease with age so we have included Glycine in our formulations to boost levels and support the nerves in follicles to help play a role in reducing loss. 


There a number of scientific studies globally that at this point in time have shown Caffeine can counter act the effects of testosterone and DHT induced miniaturisation of follicles that results in thinning and hair loss.

Moringa Oil

Rich in fatty acids Moringa Oil improves scalp health and hydration helping to condition and support healthy growth for new and existing hair. 

Argan Oil

This natural oil is high C18 unsaturated fatty acids and has a rare and unmatched combination of protective sterols for the hair and scalp. It is also rich in Vitamin E which is an excellent antioxidant for stimulating skin and hair resulting in improved smoothness, shine and hydration. 

Lupine Seed Extract

Scientific laboratory studies on bleached and damaged hair have shown the Peptides in  Lupine Seed Extract reduce the effect strain has on hair fibres resulting in less breakage and improving strength. These reinforcing and conditioning properties are beneficial to people experiencing miniaturised, thinning, weak and brittle hair that is easily lost.

Zinc Chloride

Zinc plays an energising role in new cell formation and renewal for both follicle and hair fibres. A deficiency of Zinc can result in a slow down of renewal and growth which in some cases can lead to hair thinning. 

Green Tea

Green Tea can contribute to scalp health and hair growth through a number of different pathways due to its rich composition of polyphenols, flavanoids, vitamins and ions. Studies indicate an increase in circulation and an interference with the conversion of Testosterone to DHT help reduce hair loss while a major component EGCG helps support hair regrowth.