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Reversyl Advanced Hair Treatments For Men & Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Expertise In Promoting Hair Growth & Reducing Hair Loss

Men and women can both experience heredity hair loss which leads to a thinning of hair on the top of their heads. The cause of this hair loss is the same in men and women and is due to the conversion of Testosterone to DHT in their bodies which then miniaturizes and deactivates sensitive follicles resulting in no hair growth. Women's bodies have half the level of the enzyme that produces DHT compared to men which means hair loss isn't to the same extent as seen for men. Hair can also be quickly lost through breakage and weakness when washing, brushing and styling.

Reversyl products have been specially formulated with the latest active ingredients proven in laboratory and clinical studies on men to promote the hair growth phase and strengthen new and existing hair fibres. With regular use loss through weakness will reduce and new hair growth will be promoted giving an increase in hair coverage.

Reversyl products can be used by both men and women experiencing heredity hair loss and loss through weakness and damage. 

Reversyl products are developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom